About Us

Our Brief Story


 GRAHA’s VR is a registered trademark of “Square Comp” which was started in 2012 headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Square Comp was originally started with a view of solving the customer issues with their Desktops and Laptops. As the day went by we thought we are destined to become something big and wanted to align ourselves in the path of the next big tech frontier. Since then, we are on a constant goal to bring out the best Virtual Reality product and solution in the market for our customers and take computing to the next level.

Our Vision



Our definitive goal is to become one of the formidable tech brands in the world known for its indigenous making and innovative solutions. We dream to build technologically advanced products and be a bridge in connecting the technology with the next-gen in order to make the world a better place for the people.

Our Mission



We believe Virtual Reality is our first step in realizing our dream and is the key to make computing easier and interactive. Through constant innovation and inspiration, we strive to drive the growth of the sector and eventually building an empire out of it.